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Body Fit Training (BFT)

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Group Strength Training. Backed by Science. Proven by Results.

Imagine having a custom-curated workout plan that has your goals and your results in mind. Imagine an engaging coach motivating you through each workout and a group of friends cheering you on. Imagine that each workout is fun, progressive, and a perfect mix of cardio and strength. Too good to be true? Nope. That's exactly what you will get at BFT.

BFT has a massive variety of 50 minute programs that range from cardio, strength, functional, core stability and many more that are never the same! We are technology focused so you will be able to monitor your progress with our innovative heart rate monitor system to achieve maximum results.

We deliver proven elite, high performance group training methods that are tailored to deliver the best results for every stage of fitness! Yes, so you, You and YOU can join us! Our dedicated and highly trained coaches will stand by your side to motivate, educate, inspire and push you to achieve your goals. Together with our innovative progression program and a studio filled with motivating and encouraging members, you are bound to get results!
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