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Qin Ji Rougamou

#01-33 | Quick Bites & Fast Food

6970 9597

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Qin Ji Rougamo is built on strong Chinese culture, with a modernized business model, so as to allow everyone in Singapore to enjoy the best authentic snacks that originated — think braised meat sandwiched between flaky pastry-like buns. The best-selling Qinji Pork Rougamo is stuffed with succulent pork that balances out the light and satisfying crunch of the bread. The Pickled Cabbage Fish with Rice Noodles is Tender and flavourful, the fish slices are nicely paired with the slippery noodles and tangy broth that carries hints of mala. The pickled cabbage adds an overall flair to the myriad of flavours.
Alexandra Retail Centre